5 Unique Things to Do With Cremation Ashes

There are many ways to memorialize the cremation ashes belong to a loved one. Some of the common options are traditional ground burial with a grave marker, keeping the ashes in an urn, making cremation jewelry, scattering the ashes at some memorial location and so on. But with the increasing popularity of cremation as compared to burial, new concepts have emerged in the market as what can be done with the cremation ashes.

There are a number of ways to commemorate the dearly departed soul. If you are also looking for such unique ways to handle the cremation ashes belonging to a dear family member or a close friend, then you have just come to the right place.

Here are five unique things that you can do with cremation ashes:

Shot the Ashes into Space


Yes, it is very much possible to shot the cremation ashes into the outer space. This is an expensive option and will cost you something around $650 to $13,000. The actual pricing of this kind of service depends on the type of service chosen by you along with the exact amount of cremation remains you wish to use for this service. Once you have made up your mind, the ashes will be placed into a sealed flight container which will be later on placed on a commercial aircraft or scientific satellite. Depending upon your preference, the ashes will be carried into space, orbit the moon and then it will be brought back to earth. Another option that you can choose is to take the ashes into space and place them into orbit of the Earth or the Moon or into deeper space. The ashes can stay in orbit from 10 to 240 years. For more info on such services, you can check the services offered by Celestis Memorial Spaceflights and Holy Smoke.

Firework Memorial Display


There are many firework companies who can pack a small portion of the cremation ashes into professional-grade fireworks and stage a memorial display for the survivors. Small amount of the cremation ashes belonging to the deceased are placed into the mixture of specially modified fireworks. Finally, a date and time is scheduled so that the family members of the deceased can inform other people about the firework display. On the scheduled date, the family members and friends of the deceased can watch the firework display. Often the firework display is accompanied by some of the favorite songs of the deceased. For a small and private firework ceremony at home, the ashes are stuffed into small, self-fired rockets that can be easily shot off at home. Well, it is up to your budget and preference level, whether you want a big colorful firework display or a quieter event. To know more about such services, you can check the official website of Angels Flight.

Get it Mixed into a Coral Reef

Artificial coral reef

If the deceased was a nature lover and fond of water sports, then it is a good option to have his cremation ashes tuned into an artificial coral reef. This is a truly unique way to memorialize the life of the departed soul. There is a well known company known as Eternal Reefs who is doing a great job in creating a lasting reef memorial with cremation ashes. The ashes are mixed with concrete and given the shape of artificial reef and then it is placed on the sea floor. This kind of memorial service will cost you around $4,000. One good thing about such a memorial is that the cremation ashes help to restore damaged reefs and create a nurturing marine environment for fish and other forms of sea life. For those who have limited budget, can opt for another kind of service where the cremated remains will be mixed together with others to make a of a complete reef system. To know more about such services, check this website.

Create a Diamond with Ashes

Diamond with ashes

Jewelry is something that most of us like to wear and thus it makes a great option to use the cremation ashes to make a special kind of jewelry. Here nothing can be a better option than getting the cremation ashes crushed into a beautiful piece of diamond. The cremation ashes belonging to a person are crushed into a gemstone that is identical to a natural diamond on a molecular level. With the help of modern technology, the whole process takes just a few months. Once the diamond is ready, you can use it to make a ring, pendent or neckpiece. This is an expensive way to memorialize the life of a departed soul but it is also true that it will be a truly unique kind of memorial for your loved one. There is a company called LifeGem, who are known for making diamond with cremation ashes. You can know more about their services from their official website.

Use Ashes to Make an Art Piece

Art in ashes

This is a totally unique memorial concept for those who want a long lasting celebration of their loved ones’ memories. Here skilled artists mix a portion of the cremation ashes into oil colors and then use it to create beautiful oil painting. The painting can be of the deceased or anything else depending upon your preference. One the painting is done; the beautiful art piece will have a special meaning in your home and will become a family heirloom for generations to come. Depending upon the type of painting you want, the charges will differ. There are companies like Art in Ashes and where such services are offered.

All the above mentioned options give you a unique way to memorialize your family, friends and pets.

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