Complete Information on Garden Memorial Rocks

In the memorial industry, a new trend has come up in the form of garden memorials such as memorial rocks. This kind of memorials is a nice way to pay tribute to a well lived life. Also it is a unique option to display the cremation ashes of a dear one rather than in a traditional cremation urn or columbarium.

What are memorial rocks?

Garden memorial

Memorials rocks look like large natural rocks. Such rocks are designed with beautiful memorial plaques attached to it. Underneath the plaque, one can store cremation ashes. On the plaque you can display certain quotes or lines in tribute of the deceased. On memorial rocks you can have special wordings up to 10 lines of text with as many as 40 characters per line.

Since the memorial rocks reflect the image of a natural rock found in nature, these memorials are not available in multiple colors. These memorials are available in three basic colors – slate gray, sandstone and red rock. Due to these colors, memorial rocks actually appear more natural and the color do not get affected over the years after coming in contact with the natural elements such as the sun, snow and rain.

Where can you use memorial rocks?

Memorial rocks can be used in memorial parks, cemeteries, cremation gardens, nature trails and even at your private home.

How to install memorial rocks?

The installation of memorial rocks is very simple and you can do it yourself. There is no need to take the help of the services of a professional installer if you wish to install a memorial rock on your own garden. To install a memorial rock you need to simply move the rock to the location where you want to get it installed.

Moving the memorial rock will take some considerable effort but the weight is much less as what a natural rock would be. After moving the memorial, dug the sand little and set the rock in that place. Due to the weight of the memorial rock, it will remain intact in the place even during harsh weather conditions.

Their ease of installation make memorial rocks the perfect product for just about any memorial need. If required, you can even hire a professional for installation. Since the installation is quite easy, the professional will often simply charge his or her minimum fee.

No maintenance is required to keep the rocks looking natural for years to come.

What are the uses of memorial rocks?

Memorial rocks have a myriad of uses. First of all they can be used to simply memorialize a person who has died. Even corporations and educational institutions have used memorial rocks to commemorate special anniversaries or unique programs. Thirdly, memorial rocks can be used to mark the main entrance or subdivisions of an entire neighborhood.

Where can you buy memorial rocks?

Memorial rocks are easily available in the market. You can even order them online from well known manufacturers such as, and so on. The demand for quality of memorial rocks is met by skilled craftsmen. To make the rocks, skilled artisans use a special, highly sophisticated coloring technique that makes the rock look as realistic as possible.

To sum up, memorial rocks are perfect for families who want a more natural display option for cremation ashes as compared to what traditional urns provide.

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