Few Memorable Epitaphs Written By Famous People

An epitaph is a short text that is engraved on a gravestone or plaque in the memory of a deceased person. Often epitaphs are often chosen by those closest to the departed soul. Such epitaphs are mostly the most famous Epitaphs are from the Bible or famous quotes or few lines from a poem and so on that described the deceased person’s life, personality and career. However, at times epitaphs are also specified by the person before their departure. There are many famous persons who left an equally memorable message on their tombstones to remember them by when they died.

Grave marker quote

Some of such epitaphs written by famous people are momentous as well as hilarious that describe them in a very memorable manner.

Here are some of the favorite gravestone inscriptions.

John Yeast: “Here lies Johnny Yeast. Pardon me for not rising.”

Spike Milligan: “Dúirt mé leat go raibh mé breoite.”

Jesse James: “Murdered by a traitor and a coward whose name is not worthy to appear here.”

Ludolph van Ceulen: “3.14159265358979323846264338327950”

Jack Lemmon: “Jack Lemmon in..”

Studs Terkel: “Curiosity did not kill this cat.”

Bette Davis: “She did it the hard way.”

George Johnson: “Here lies George Johnson, hanged by mistake 1882. He was right, we was wrong, but we strung him up and now he’s gone.”

Joan Hackett: “Go away — I’m asleep.”

Lester Moore: “Here lies Lester Moore. Four slugs from a 44, no Les, no more.”

Hank Williams: “I’ll never get out of this world alive.”

Frank Sinatra: “The best is yet to come.”

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.”Free at last. Free at l’ast. Thank God Almighty I’m Free at Last.”

Rodney Dangerfield: “There goes the neighborhood.”

Mel Blanc: “That’s all folks!”

John Belushi: “He could have given us a few more laughs, but nooooo.”

Winston Churchill: “I am ready to meet my Maker. Whether my Maker is prepared for the great ordeal of meeting me is another matter.”

Emily Dickinson: “Called back.”

Dean Martin: “Everybody loves somebody sometime”

Edgar Allen Poe: “Quoth the Raven, ‘Nevermore’”

Merv Griffin: “I will not be right back after this message.”

Frank Sinatra: “The best is yet to come”

Rodney Dangerfield: “There goes the neighborhood.”

Billy Wilder: “I’m a writer/ but then/ nobody’s perfect”

Dee Dee Ramone: “O.K…I gotta go now.”

Sammy Davis Jr.: “The Entertainer’.He did it all.”

Jackie Gleason: “And away we go”

Robert Frost: “I had a lover’s quarrel with the world.”

Will Rogers: “I never met a man I didn’t like.”

All the above mentioned epitaphs are unique and surely define the personality of the person who have written it. Till date, these famous epitaphs inspire others.

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