Know How to Take Care of Cremation Urns

With the popularity of cremation there is also an increase in the demand for cremation urns in the market. Lots of companies have come up with interesting and beautiful range of cremation urns in order to fulfill the expectation of the buyers. Well, as purchase of a cremation urn is not an everyday task, online companies such as,, and so on are making it easy for the buyers to choose a perfect piece to store the ashes belonging to a family member or dear friend. As sentiments and emotions are associated with a cremation urn, it is essential to take proper care of it.

Most people are not aware of basic facts as how to take care of an urn. Taking care of an urn is easy and simple and it will not take much of your time.

Urns are made up of different types of materials. So, depending upon the material chosen, you need to take care of the urn accordingly.

Wood urn

If you have purchased a wood cremation urn, then it is very easy to take care of it. From time to time, gently wipe the outer surface of the urn with the help of dry soft cloth. This way the urn will remain free of dirt and dust. At the same time once in two or three months you can use furniture polish on the external surface to maintain the shine of the wood. Do not make the mistake of using harsh chemicals and water to clean the outer surface. It is also recommended to place the urn in such a location where it does not get exposed to direct sunlight. Constant exposure to sunlight can cause the wood to form cracks. With these simple tips the hardwood urn will look beautiful for years to come. 

Marble and glass urn

Just like hardwood urns, it is also easy to take care of urns made of marble and glass. Such urns should be be gently cleaned from time to time with any good quality of glass cleaner or any good qualit chemical free cleaner. However, it is recommended not to use any acid-based liquids to clean the outer surface of urns made of marble or glass. You can use water to clean the urn, but make sure it wipe out the completely or else there will be stains on the surface. Also from time to time gently clean the outer surface with a soft cloth to remove the buildup of dust or any kind of dirt. Make sure to keep such urns in a safe and secure place so that it does not get knocked over accidently. A glass or marble memorial urn can break if it falls from a good height.

Ceramic urn

Those who are interested in ceramic urns must be aware of the fact that such urns need special care and attention. Ceramic cremation urns can break easily if knocked over and so placement is very important when it comes to taking care of a ceramic urn. Always place a ceramic urn on a sturdy shelf or table top. Also avoid placing such an urn in a low position where it can be knocked over by pets and small children. From time to time gently wipe the outer surface of the metal urn with a dry cloth. This will keep the surface free of dust and dirt. It is better not to use water to clean the surface as it can damage to the urn. 
Metal urn

Metal urns are very special and such urns extra care and attention. Never wipe the external surface of a metal urn with a damp cloth. Dampness in any form can cause the urn to rust. Always use a soft dry cotton cloth and gently wipe the outer surface. This way the urn will remain free of any kind of dirt or dust. At the same time metal urn should not be exposed to direct sunlight as it can hamper the shape of the urn.  
To conclude, cremation urns make a safe resting place for the cremated ashes of your loved one and hence it is your responsibility to take proper care of it. With right care, the urn will become a family heirloom and can be enjoyed generation after generation.

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