Top Factors for Buying Cremation Urns

Death of a close family member or a loving friend is a very difficult situation to handle. Most of the times people do not know how to react or handle the situation. But despite of all that family members are required to make arrangements for the funeral. This is not the easiest of tasks, especially when you are grieving the loss of a person. There are so many things to take care of, such as arranging the venue, selecting the funeral home, deciding on cremation or burial, buying a cremation urn, making arrangements for funeral flowers, inviting guests and so on.

Well, most of the things can be taken care of by the funeral home selected by you. Also there are many things that you can ask some of your close friends or relatives to take care of. But when it comes to selecting a cremation urn, people have their own preferences and wish to buy it on their own. This is because, in a cremation urn the ashes of the deceased are stored that serves as a beautiful and personalized symbol representing the life and legacy of the person. People also buy a cremation urn to store the remains for a temporary period so that the ashes can be scattered at a later period.

As there is a wide variety of cremation urns available in the market in different sizes, colors, materials and designs, people often get confused as which one to buy. At the same time most of the urns can be customized to give it a personal touch.

To help you out here are some useful and valuable factors:

Decide on the size:

As these urns come in different sizes, you need to be very specific about the size of the urn. While large urns have a capacity of 400 to 500 cubic inches of ashes, the standard sized urns can hold 170 to 350 cubic inches of ashes. There are also small sized urns that can hold one teaspoon to 50 cubic inches of ashes. The small sized urns are perfect for those who wish to divide the ashes of a loved one amongst several persons or for those who would be traveling with the ashes. To get an idea about how much cremation ashes will be left after the cremation process, you can consult a funeral home or crematorium.

Decide on the color:

Cremation urns are also available in wide range of colors. You can also get an urn in the favorite color of the deceased. This is a great way to remember a departed soul for years to come. Else you can decide upon the color of the urn depending upon the color scheme of your home. There are so many colors choices for urns that you can surely find one that goes well with any type of color scheme. There are urns in playful colors, serious serious-toned colors, sophisticated colors, subtle colors, soft colors and so on. So, it is very essential to decide on the color.

Decide on the material:

Urns are made from various materials and so before you start your shopping you need to decide upon a material of your choice. The various long lasting materials used for marking urns are wood, ceramic, steel, granite, copper, bronze, brass, glass, porcelain, marble, etc. At the same time you can also find urns biodegradable urns made of water soluble and eco friendly materials such as bamboo, mulberry bark, newsprint, cornstarch, paper clay, earthenware clay and unglazed ceramic. For those who you need to carry the urn in a flight, can even buy a non scan-able urn made from plastic, cloth, cardboard, or transparent glass. Urns made from different materials and priced differently.

Decide on the design:

While shopping for cremation urns, you will be simply amazed to see the multitudes of designs used for making urns. Right from simple cylindrical to intricate designs, you can find hundreds of designs in the market. At the same time cremation urns are also available in different themes. For instance, if the deceased was interested in football or fishing or soccer, you can find urns in such designs also. These urns are very popular in the market as it brings some personality to your loved ones final resting place. In case you do not find an urn in a particular design, you can always custom order it from an artist. It will take a week or two for an artist to come up with the urn design specified by you.

Decide on your budget:

As cremation urns are available in the market in a wide array of shapes and styles, their prices also differ a lot. Thus, it is essential to decide your budget first and then only go for shopping. This will help you to narrow down your selection of cremation urns and will help to make a quick decision. Here you need to bear in mind that low budget in no way means you have to compromise on the shape, quality or look of the urn. With so many urns made from different materials, your budget will never make you disappoint. For instance, if you like an urn made from precious materials such as bronze, gold or marble but you do not have the budget to buy it, then there is nothing to worry about. You can always get the same design and shape of urn in other materials such as pewter, brass and natural materials. So, even with a low budget, you can buy an urn of your choice.

Decide on the resting place:

Another important decision that you need to make before shopping for a cremation urn is where the urn will be kept after the funeral service. You can keep the urn at an indoor or outdoor location, or you can bury the urn in your garden or choose to bury it in water. Well, many people prefer to display cremation urns in their home serves. For indoor displaying you can find urns in wide number of styles and shapes. Such urns look very decorative also as they are usually made of colorful glass, crystal or porcelain. For outdoor display, you need to buy an urn made from durable materials such as a metal or marble. For water or ground burial, you can buy biodegradable urns which do not have a negative impact on the environment.

Decide on how to personalize it:

It is always a good idea to memorialize the life of a person with an urn which can be personalized. You can personalize the urn by engraving some thoughtful Bible verse, a few words about the deceased, a special poem, some nice quotes or a simple artwork that can be done on the surface of the urn. Else you can even opt for an urn in which you can insert a photo of your loved one. Personalization is a great way to show your love and respect towards the deceased.

To conclude, with the above mentioned factors you can easily shop for a suitable cremation urm. When it comes to shopping for a cremation urn, you can surely find one that suits your taste, preference and at the same time budget also. No matter what type of urn you prefer to buy for your loved one, it will definitely create a special and lasting memorial.

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